Available to present at your agency, symposium or conference. Pamela will create an engaging and informative lecture specific to your audience


Pamela is pleased to offer a wide variety of educational programs, including one-day lectures, weekend retreat seminars and services to meet the needs of not only healthcare professionals, but interested others as well. These lectures teach the ability to implement different art therapy projects specifically designed for your population and needs. Seminars combine art with traditional psychotherapy techniques to obtain deeper insight. Workshop attendees will be taught to identify indications in the artwork that suggest abuse, depression and anxiety. These courses will be constructed with a mixture of lecture, art therapy task participation, discussion and digital image presentations of case studies.


Some seminars and lectures include but are not limited to:

  •     What Is Art Therapy?

  •     Art Therapy to Increase Happiness, Health and Productivity

  •     Working the 12 Step Program Through Art Therapy

  •     Art Therapy and Anxiety Disorders

  •     Art Therapy and Grief and Loss Issues

  •     Art Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Family

  •     Art Therapy To Improve Relationships

  •     Art Therapy as Behavior Modification

  •     Art Therapy with Eating Disorders

  •     Building Group Cohesiveness at Work Through Art Therapy