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Pamela Malkoff Hayes is available to serve as keynote speaker for your event or conference. Pamela is a leading expert in the use of Art Therapy to address a range of mental health issues. Her ability to distill complex concepts and spark excitement in participants has captivated diverse groups of mental health professionals, educators, parents, public administrators, and healthcare providers.


From universities and military bases to international conferences, Pamela's expertise in Art Therapy has been sought after by countless organizations and businesses. Her lectures, whether spanning an hour or several days, consistently keep audiences engaged with hands on art exercises, formal education, and always some fun. 


Pamela can address or build a lecture or workshop around issues like:

  • Eating disorders

  • Mood disorders (Anxiety and Depression)

  • Families and Relationships

  • Personal growth, Self-Care and Motivation

  • Team Building and Business 

  • LGBTQ+ issues

  • Addictions and recovery

  • Sexuality, Polyamory and Alternative Relationships

Get in touch to learn more about this possibility. 

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