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Pamela Malkoff Hayes is a teacher and a national lecturer. She works both independently and through PESI. Scroll down for attendee testimonial videos.

In-Person Seminars

Stay tuned for upcoming seminars...


LIVE/VIRTUAL on Monday, August 12, 2024 - 3:45-5:15 CST

PESI LGBTQ Summit: Exploring Sexual Identity, Non-Monogamy, and A-Typical Relationships: A Therapeutic Journey through Art



Telehealth for Teens, Parents and Groups ($109.99)

Join Pamela Malkoff Hayes, who has over 15 years of experience with teletherapy, to learn simple and approachable art therapy techniques to assess and treat clients. Pamela will show you fresh new strategies to engage even your most difficult and challenging clients and groups to identify and express emotions and manage negative thoughts and feelings. >BUY NOW


Art Therapy Interventions for Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Addictions ($109.99)

Are you looking for new ways to help your clients combat negative self-talk to push through fears and anxiety, and turn away from self-destructive isolating behaviors? Watch Pamela Malkoff Hayes, MFT, ART-BC, in this experiential course to fill up your therapeutic toolbox with new and unique art interventions that will stop catastrophizing thoughts and negative self- talk. Experience how evidence-based treatments will help your clients learn to tolerate frustration, and sit with uncomfortable feelings, without the immediate need to self-medicate. >BUY NOW

Art Therapy for Grief and Loss ($109.99)

This course will provide participants the skills to utilize art therapy with clients experiencing grief and loss. Art therapy techniques will be demonstrated and participants will complete therapeutic art projects based on symptom management and rational psychotherapy. Attendees will analyze research and case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of art therapy with individuals experiencing grief. You will leave with many new concrete skills and interventions to add to your therapeutic toolbox. >BUY NOW


Art Therapy and Anxiety: Healing Through Imagery ($109.99)

This course is designed to educate participants about art therapy and provide practical skills for effective assessment and intervention with clients experiencing symptoms of anxiety. Demonstrations of art therapy techniques will advance the participants' understanding of the biopsychosocial perspective of many of the disorders that fall under the DSM-5 categories of Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders, and Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders. >BUY NOW

LIVE on Monday, November 11, 2024 - details TBA

Art Therapy: Creative Interventions for Kids with Trauma, Anxiety, ADHD and More! ($109.99)

Watch this recording and learn innovative interventions that will help even your most resistant clients become unstuck. Your day will consist of creative, interactive, hands-on training that will re-energize your work. You will leave with fresh new art strategies and approaches that you can use immediately to engage even your most difficult and challenging clients. These tools are fun and playful. They will offer you an opportunity to refresh yourself as well!  >BUY NOW

Art Therapy Interventions for Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Addictions ($135.00)

Do you want to gain powerful techniques for your clients who struggle with anxiety, chronic pain and/or addictions? Learn how to use simple and approachable Art Therapy techniques to assess anxious and self destructive behaviors.

Pamela Malkoff Hayes will fill up your therapeutic bag of tricks with new and unique art interventions that will stop the catastrophizing thoughts and negative self talk. Experience how evidence-based treatments can help your clients learn to tolerate frustration, and sit with uncomfortable feelings, without the immediate need to self medicate. The art interventions taught in this seminar will help your clients transform their emotional response to past trauma, problem solve, change their perspective, and move towards a place of acceptance and gratitude.

Case studies, art experientials, demonstrations and interactive discussions will be utilized in this cutting-edge seminar. >BUY NOW


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