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Downloadable 10 Commandments [download PDF]

Write your own Ten Commandments of Self-Care


  • I will ask for help when I need it, and give help when I can

  • I will spend time being creative

  • I will do the things that scare me and challenge me


Downloadable Self-Care Rose Weekly Tracker [download PDF]

  • Put date next to each day

  • Color in each section once you have completed that specific self-care activity (written on leaves)

  • Over time you will see patterns and where you can improve

Rose Selfcare tracker - daily.png

Downloadable Single Day Self-Care Rose Tracker [download PDF]

Color in each section once you have completed that specific self-care activity (written on leaves)


Downloadable Declaration [download PDF]

Write your own Declaration of Independence from the thing that enslaves you (fear, addiction, food, money, relationship)

Preamble: Write a statement of independence from the thing in your life that holds you back

Indictment: How did/does this negative force control you? What does it make you do?

Denunciation: What rules do you need to put in place in order to live a life of freedom from that negative force?


  • Setting a routine where you go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour

  • Making healthy eating choices

  • Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people

Conclusion and Rights: What rights do you have once you are free? 


  • The right to happiness and contentment

  • The right to pursue higher education or a desired career

  • The right to positive and supportive relationships

Downloadable Present/Gift [download PDF]

  • Using words, images, colors and/or shapes...illustrate the things that you have, in this present moment, that are gifts


Downloadable Brain [download PDF]

Using words, images, colors and/or shapes...

  • Activity 1: Illustrate what we would learn about you if we could look inside your brain (using words, images colors and shapes)

  • Activity 2: 

  • On the Left side - illustrate what stops you and keeps you stuck 

  • On the Right side -  illustrate what motivates you and inspires you 

  • Activity 3:

  • On the Left side - illustrate your logical, rational self 

  • On the Right side -  illustrate your creative, passionate self 

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